Antigen-responsive molecular sensor enables real-time tumor-specific imaging

Item Number: 616
Industry: Diagnostic
Category: Oncology
Development Stage: Early Stage
Organisation Type: Government Institute
Country: South Korea
Patent: Korea, PCT
Business Opportunity: Out-Licensing, Technology Transfer, Collaboration R&D


The present invention relates to an antibody-fluorescent dye conjugate capable of cancer cell-specific fluorescence imaging diagnosis, wherein the fluorescent dye comprises a covalently labelled antibody and is structured to be quenched by interaction with a residue in the antibody, selected from the group consisting of tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and methionine, and to be dequenched upon binding of the antibody to an antigen present on a cell surface to emit fluorescence, whereby cells having a target antigen thereon can be imaged for diagnosis. 



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